Time Management: Slavery or Freedom? Posted on 15 Dec 12:00

So many people tell me they could never be slave to a calendar, and I secretly think they are slaves to the freedom they only think they have.

In college, I could not handle waiting until the last minute to submit a paper. I developed a blotter calendar with color systems that caught my education professor's attention. She encouraged me to share it with our class along with the notebook system she required of us but I had taken to a new level of neurosis. 

Becoming a teacher encouraged my love of time management. Large blotter calendars always decorated my desk, and laminated calendars adorned the walls with assignments and due dates, color coded by class to help students manage their time.


Over the years, I count it a privilege to have assisted time-challenged students get some freedom and peace of mind by showing them simple steps to reveal guilt-free free time, when they can engage in leisure without wondering what they're forgetting and leaving undone to bask in the guilty pleasure.

Yes, my friends, managing time actually frees up time to do the things we love, so I invite you to join me in this love affair with the clock. Stay tuned for tips and webinars to help you break free from the slavery of chaos and enjoy the freedom of a schedule set in order.

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