English Guide to Grammar, Composition, and Logic

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The purpose of this guide is primarily to aid in instructing students in the technical aspects of language arts. It is meant as a resource for instructors and not as an independent study for students. Think of this manual as having your teacher there in your home to provide you with examples and additional instruction without your having to feed her.

Two main sections divide your instruction into grammar and composition, with a smaller section on critical thinking and study skills. The guide has also been designed with wide margins to encourage note taking. Parents and tutors should make use of this space to write out examples of principles that will make them more clearly understood. Should students be using the guide, they should also take advantage of the space for notes.

The creative aspect of language arts has been deliberately omitted. There are many books on the subject, and it is exercised in most educational settings; therefore, it is unnecessary to expend the time and energy there for the purpose of this manual. On the other hand, the technical aspects of grammar and composition have been left by the wayside in many school systems and homes. This happens most often as a result of instructors who do not have the ability to teach the topics. It is my desire that with the proper tool, home school students will have access to the type of technical writing and thinking skills necessary in a college classroom.

Format: PDF Booklet

Revised: 2014