Grammar the Write Way: Precepts

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New Edition for 23-24 School Year! Older versions will not work.

As its name suggests, Grammar the Write Way is a multi-level grammar curriculum designed to integrate grammar concepts directly into student writing. Its authors see grammar as a tool for effective communication, not just as a set of skills and lists to master in order to pass tests. Three levels—Precepts, Core, and Apply—build upon one another, with the bulk of technical instruction in the Core level. Precepts introduces parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentence parts, and essential elements in sentence patterns, but it does not demand mastery before moving on to the Core level. Used in succession, the curriculum should result in an improved understanding of English grammar as well as strengthened composition skills and increased confidence among young writers.

 Zipped file includes student handbook with answer key.

Format: PDF Booklet


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